Bakery project execution is a complex phase 

Executing a bakery project requires a range of skills, experience and know-how.  It needs meticulous planning, good communication, technical insight, bakery experience and outstanding project management skills.  In a nutshell, it needs a complete team of competent, capable, dedicated and passionate people who have successfully executed multitudes of bakery projects.

Bakery Initiatives is the experienced and knowledgeable partner that can manage the total bakery project execution phase, starting with support in the identification and procurement of the appropriate production equipment and finishing with the final commissioning and operation of your bakery business.

Bakery Initiatives provides, so to speak, the cement between the bricks during the project implementation.

Some of the questions and challenges Bakery Initiatives can help you with:

  • Which equipment is most suitable for the defined requirements?
  • Which equipment supplier can deliver the equipment I need?
  • Are the offered prices in line with market pricing?
  • Who can help me with the project engineering and the lay-out of the bakery?
  • To what level of safety and hygienic standards does my bakery have to comply with?
  • How can I mechanize my bakery production?
  • How can I automate my bakery production?
  • What is the best way to equip my bakery?
  • Most importantly, how can I avoid costly mistakes?

The added value of Bakery Initiatives in the execution phase:

  • Bakery Initiatives is independent and can therefore help you with the best solution and related equipment.
  • Based on experience, Bakery Initiatives knows the pitfalls that can occur in complex bakery projects. Bakery Initiatives avoids these pitfalls and therefore unexpected costs.
  • One of the strengths of Bakery Initiatives is the meticulousness of our recording of and reporting on all the activities. This always results in an accurate and up–to-date overview of the status and progress of the project.
  • Based on experience, Bakery Initiatives knows the availability of the most suitable equipment and production lines in the market.
  • Intelligent engineering

The typical services that Bakery Initiatives can offer in this phase: 

  • Bakery factory lay-out
  • Engineering Services
  • Manufacturing, planning and optimization
  • Bakery mechanization and automation
  • Bakery equipment engineering and procurement
  • Utility engineering
  • Bakery installation and supervision
  • Bakery commissioning and start-up