How to Start a Bakery

Bakery knowledge and experience is needed to start a successful bakery

With over 100 bakery projects executed worldwide, Bakery Initiatives is the leading global solution provider for the bakery segment.

Depending on your specific needs and investment capacity, Bakery Initiatives offers various bakery consultancy services, but can also offer Turnkey bakery solutions.

A Turnkey bakery solution means from bakery business plan to bakery commissioning and bakery training to a fully operating profitable bakery.

Bakery Concepts for small scale start-ups

For entrepreneurs who want to start on a small scale, Bakery Initiatives offers 2 types of concepts.  

  • 100K (€ 100.000) Turnkey Bakery Solution (e.g.;150 kg/hour of tin bread of 800 gram)
  • 500K (€ 500.000) Turnkey Bakery Solution (e.g.;750 kg/hour of tin bread of 800 gram)

Both concepts are complete proposals for starting a bakery and include:

  • Total equipment needs (new and used bakery equipment/hybrid solution) of leading global quality brands, including small tools, etc…
  • Bakery Project Management
  • Bakery Consultancy Services
  • Bakery Training on site
  • Bakery Commissioning and start-up

These concepts give the entrepreneurs the chance to start small, refine their baking skills, earn money and continuously grow their businesses.

Bakery Initiatives identifies and supports the following bakery sizes:

Bakery shop / Artisan bakery

Bakery range: wide range
Volume: < 5 tons per day
Investment: Minimum € 100,000  and up to € 500,000

Semi-industrial bakery

Bakery range: wide range
Volume: < 20 ton per day
Investment: € 1,000,000 to  < €3,000,000

Industrial bakery

Bakery range: specialized range
Volume: > 20 tons per day
Investment: > € 3,000,000