Good planning will maximize the ROI (Return On Investment) of your bakery project

Whether you want to start a bakery or want to improve the overall performance of your existing operation, good planning will be the first step that leads to success.

Some of the questions and challenges that Bakery Initiatives can help you with: 

  • How do I start a bakery?
  • How do I expand a bakery?
  • I want to invest in a bakery project, what kind of bakery project will be feasible and profitable in this market?
  • With what products can I make the most profit?
  • What products have the best margin?
  • What is the market need? What kind of products does the market want and what do people want to pay for these products?
  • Who can help me with writing a bankable proposal to attract finance from a third party?
  • How do I improve my profitability?
  • How do I get more control over my costs?
  • What type of shelf life do I need to maximize my distribution potential?
  • How do I create customer loyalty to my products?
  • How do I promote my products?
  • I want to purchase an existing bakery/ franchise – is this wise?
  • What kind of bakery systems do I need to implement in order to meet current and future market demands?

In the planning phase many things need to be examined and considered in order to make the right choices. As an independent and experienced bakery consultant, Bakery Initiatives can help you with all of these questions and can offer various bakery consultancy services that meet your specific needs.

The typical services that Bakery Initiatives can offer in this phase: 

  • Bakery Strategic Plan
  • Bakery Feasibility Study
  • Bakery Business Plan
  • Bakery Sales & Marketing plan
  • Bakery Financial Planning
  • Board Advisory Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Due to its independent approach, many years of experience and senior expertise, Bakery Initiatives is also able to offer customized bakery services and turnkey solutions.