The right people in the right place 

For an optimized bakery production team, the right people must be in the right place with the right skills, the required knowledge and the desired experience.

As they say, the best equipment will not turn you into a great baker. If your staff is unable to manage the manufacturing process effectively,  you will never maximize either the quality or the capacity of your equipment utilization.

Based on its team’s experience in managing and running bakeries, Bakery Initiatives knows what level of skills and knowledge are required and can train your people to reach the desired level of performance.

Some of the questions and challenges that Bakery Initiatives can help you with: 

  • Who can help me with giving my people the right baking skills and knowledge in order to optimize my bakery production crew?
  • Who can help me with reviewing my current organizational structure?
  • Can you help me train my staff in get the needed baking skills and knowledge?
  • Why, despite the availability of good quality equipment, I am not achieving the maximal available capacity?

The typical services that Bakery Initiatives can offer in this phase: